Proofreading and editing

Proofreading and correction of texts is a part of daily translation work.

Independently of the initial quality of translation, it is always recommended that another person checks texts in order to spot inaccuracies in translation. That is particularly necessary in expert language.

Considering that we are experts in legal, economic and financial fields, we seldom proofread texts from these fields in order to satisfy not only grammatical and orthographic standards, but also standards of the profession that the translation belongs to. Most of the observed errors in translations are not only wrong translations of particular word in highly expert language made by translators who are not of the profession which the text belongs to, but the style and phraseology typical for the profession itself.

Proofreading and editing

The task of translators is not only to make linguistically comprehensible text, but also to adjust it completely to the language of the profession in a manner that whoever reads translation, does not have problems in understanding it. That is particularly important in legal language, as legalese and legal concepts differ from one country to another, specially those with Common Law system from those that are based on civil law, and is therefore often necessary to translate certain terms in descriptive way or closest possible to the similar term in target language. That can be only done by person with thorough knowledge of law and language itself.

Whether you need a translation of simple certificate, corporative balance, or medical documentation, our translations are done “by the book“ in a way that are comprehensible to every expert in the same field anywhere on the globe. Proofreading is invoiced by the time spent to check and prepare files for delivery or per number of total words in text.

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