• Quot linguas calles, tot homines vales
    Quot linguas calles, tot homines vales
    You are worth as many people as the languages that you speak


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Prompted by a large number of poor and inexpert legal and economic translations, we decided to put our knowledge and expertise at service of those who do matter about quality. Our translations are second to none thanks to the fact that they are mostly done by professionals in the same field as translated text.
Translations of legal and economic/financial texts are mostly done by active LAWYER (attorney-at-law) with strong CORPORATE EXPERIENCE, who lived abroad, and is a COURT INTERPRETER for 4 languages; English, Spanish, Catalan, and Serbian.
On the follwing link, you may check his credentials.

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Non-certified translations


Non-certified translations are those who do not require certification of court (sworn) translator.

Certified translations


Certified translations may be done only by translators who in Croatia are appointed as court (sworn) interpreters (translators).

Proofreading and editing

and editing

Proofreading and correction of texts is a part of daily translation work. Our translations are done "by the book".

Simultaneous and consecutive translations


We offer services of simultaneous and consecutive translations in all four languages.