Non-certified translations

Non-certified translations are those who do not require certification of court (sworn) translator.

They form the largest part of translation business and it is of utter importance for them to be done quickly and accurately since most of these translations clients need to be done “yesterday“.

We translate all kind of text, no matter whether they are in electronic form or on paper, written on machine or hand. Works include translation, proofreading and correction of errors in order to deliver final work comprehensible, accurate and error-free according to the rules of the area of expertise that text belongs to. 

Non-certified translations

We translate by use of CAT tools (computer assisted translation), specialised translation programmes that help create particular local (or server) memory. Thus we always translate same expressions in a same way, unless translator or proofreader itself considers he/she should use other wording. This significantly helps maintaining consistency of translations independently of being “easy“ general text or expert technical translation where balanced use of expert expressions is essential for a quality translation.

CAT tools have another great advantage; they respect the text structure and format in a way that the final work is a “mirror“ of source file with identical graphic and formats (tables, fonts, special signs, line breaks, etc.). They besides, allow us to create database usable for future translations of the same or similar kind for the same client, saves us time as they speed-up translation process enabling us to offer competitive prices to our clients.

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